DSR Lines + Ōgon Batto /// Between The Lines #5

Quand :
21 juin 2018 @ 20 h 00 min – 23 h 45 min
Où :
Pêle-Mêle de Waterloo
Rue François Libert 19A
1410 Waterloo
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DSR Lines + Ōgon Batto /// Between The Lines #5 @ Pêle-Mêle de Waterloo | Waterloo | Wallonie | Belgique

Pêle-Mêle Waterloo presents : “Between The Lines #5”
A serie of evenings and concerts dedicated to underground and experimental music.

For our fifth evening :

– DSR LINES /// Antwerp resident David Edren has steadily released his DSR Lines work for about twenty years. Starting off with programmed music, Edren slowly evolved towards analogue synth improvisations. His use of the classic ARP 2500 and Buchla 200 has had a profound influence on his overall sound, performing calm rhythmic structures and ambient soundfields.
The DSR Lines discography includes two full LP’s on Ultra Eczema and cassette tapes on Jj Funhouse, Lal Lal & Sic Sic amongst others. Edren was also one of the featured artists on a new library compilation album with Suzanne Ciani, Norm Chambers, Sarah Davachi, Günter Schlienz and notable others.
In 2017 Black Sweat Records reissued the 2014 album “Spoel” as a gatefold double lp and late 2018 another reissue is coming up on the same label.
A split 12″ with Bitchin Bajas entitled “The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol 2: Atlantis” is about to surface on Abstrakce Records (June 2018) and the future will bring an array of new sounds through Jj Funhouse, Troglosound, Ekster, Marionette and Ultra Eczema. >>> http://a-dsr.net

– ŌGON BATTO /// Many years in the works, Ōgon Batto finally unleashes his album “Hedoro”. A journey into Japanese soundtracks and 90’s adventure-gaming.
Ōgon Batto is Bent Von Bent from Antwerp, Belgium. Besides working as a visual artist around archiving systems and collections, he is also the co-runner of the Hare Akedod label, together with David Edren aka DSR Lines. Following his debut release, Ōgon Batto secretly started working on a second album Hedoro, meaning “slime” or “chemical ooze”.
Bent is immensly fascinated by Japanese traditional and contemporary culture ever since he first visited the country. Mixing his European background with these Japanese influences, he shifts easily between abstract electronic tracks and pieces with a more classical Japanese tool kit. Think Oneohtrix Point Never or Mica Levi composing a soundtrack to a fantasy game.
With an amazing sense for detail Hedoro’s musical story – entirely composed with synthesizers – is reduced to a collection of situations and drama, with space for suggestion and imagination. Every track, how short it may be, is essential to the whole, maximizing the general dramatic effect. >>> https://www.aguirrerecords.com/products/ogon-batto-hedoro-lp

ENTRANCE : 6 Euros
RESERVATIONS : waterloo@occases.com (limited capacity)