Between The Lines #4 : Lieven Martens Moana / Typhonian Highlife / Orphan Fairytale

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30 novembre 2017 @ 20 h 00 min – 23 h 00 min
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Pêle-Mêle de Waterloo
Rue François Libert 19A
1410 Waterloo
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“Between The Lines #4” Lieven Martens Moana / Typhonian Highlife / Orphan Fairytale

A serie of evenings and concerts dedicated to underground and experimental music.

For our fourth evening :

LIEVEN MARTENS MOANA // Lieven Martens (Moana, formerly Dolphins Into The Future) is seeking for a thorough aestheticism of the impression. Using analogue and digital recording techniques, he creates an experimental form of music that refers to ethnomusicology and to sound art, collage and modern classical composition. Resulting in a very contemporary dialect, driven by a narrative.

Over the past few years he has been performing all over the globe. From Mexico City, to Tokyo, Niigata, Lisbon, Lecce, Honolulu and Brussels.

Kraak, a record label based in Ghent –Belgium, released a first LP under his birth name in 2013 (c.q. “Music From The Guardhouse”). In 2015 he self-published a compilation of outtakes and sketches, produced on various formats (c.q. “Songs Of Gold, Incandescent”). In March2017, his newest LP “Idylls” came out on Pacific City Sound Visions (USA) and his own Edições CN. And in October 2017, the prolific EM Records from Japan released “Three Amazonian Essays”, a modern classical reinterpretation of the Spanish cult classic “Amazonia” by Finis Africae. These four albums got critical acclaim on many music websites and in many print.

Next to these activities, Martens runs a private press on which he releases records and books in limited editions; and he has been writing commissioned music for ensemble, for the national radio, for a commercial and for art exhibitions. He recently has been collaborating with fellow artists like Francesco Cavaliere, Roman Hiele (as Hiele Martens), Floris Vanhoof, Spencer Clark and Mia Prce (aka Miaux). In 2016 he received a grant from the Flemish Department of Culture.

TYPHONIAN HIGHLIFE // Spencer Clark, the tentacle behind Typhonian Highlife, was a member of the seminal noise duo The Skaters (with James Ferraro) and has recorded under the aliases Tarzana, Fourth World Magazine, and Monopoly Child Star Searchers, whose album, Bamboo For Two found wide critial acclaim. His latest disc, THE WORLD OF SHELLS on Kraak Records, dawns the genre tab: “DEMON CLASSICAL AQUATIC FUSION” , as it invites nature, Sci-Fi Fantasy SFX, and romantic Oriental melodies to juxtapose a startling vision of the WORLD OF AUSTRALIA. Miles Bowe of “Fact Magazine” has said this of The World of Shells: “While his contemporaries in similar “world-building” music like James Ferraro and Oneohtrix Point Never often attempt to refract something of our own world, Clark’s music feels like exotica by way of H.P. Lovecraft, building mythologies and painting places that feel removed from any reference point. Deep listening can offer glimpses into an impossible realm – and now we enter The World Of Shells, the culmination of a journey both physical and psychic, travelling from California to Australia to Sicily and drawing on everything from alien reptile conspiracy theories to Renaissance sculpture, rock formations and the films of Peter Weir.” Clark’s label, Pacific City Sound Visions, has been Disc-Flexing for nearly ten years the Exotic, SuperNatural, and Premonitioned future realities that add to the Fruitopian Wealth of 2017

ORPHAN FAIRYTALE // Welcome to the wondrous world of Eva Van Deuren’s one-girl project “Orphan Fairytale”. She creates a fairylike, mystic and hypnotizing sound world using only self-made electronics, toy instruments, cassette loops and small keyboards. The music shows a great deal of playfulness. Dreamlike patterns are enriched by carefully placed notes and tones.

Originating from Antwerp, Eva Van Deuren grew up in a flourishing Belgian music scene. Releasing cassettes on numerous independent cassette labels like Audiobot, Beniffer Editions and Sloow Tapes just to name a few. In the summer of 2007 she was even asked to open for Sonic Youth (!). It was Thurston Moore who was very fond of her music. After that she has released full albums on Ultra Eczema, Blackest Rainbow and a retrospective of her early works on Aguirre.

ENTRANCE : 6 Euros
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